Velvet Wasp stories

A nightclub entertainer named Adele Fornost has been found dead, an apparent suicide. Her friend, another entertainer named Diane Green, is convinced that she was murdered and that the Outlander Mob is behind it. Known for racketeering, prostitution, and money laundering, the Outlanders are run by a man known only as Sir. Diane is unable to convince the police to take on the case and decides to take matters into her own hands. Although she is able to get the goods on the Oultlanders, she has to fake her own death to do it. Thus, Diane Green dies, but the Velvet Wasp is born to take flight in four adventures, courtesy of H. David Blalock and Pro Se Productions.

And a Madman Mumbled

And a Madman Mumbled…Tales from the Mind of H. David Blalock runs the Genre gamut, taking readers into worlds that will hopefully never exist and through fevered dreams that we only hope are just nightmares. Blalock carefully crafts each and every tale to thrill, excite, involve, and engage. Encounter creatures and stories both strange and familiar, and some even both, in And a Madman Mumbled…Tales from the Mind of H. David Blalock. From Pro Se Productions.

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